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"Our particular advantage is the combination of direct search and expert knowledge, which gives your company access to candidates who can not be reached with job advertisements."

Obtaining Specialists in Occupational Medicine

Specialists in occupational medicine are rare and in great demand today; they must be actively recruited. The proRIS Consultants Group is particularly successful because it combines its many years of industry experience in occupational medicine with the method of direct search. This is not as expensive, compared to a job advertisement, as one might expect in a personnel consulting. In any case, proRIS is exceptionally effective at recruiting occupational health professionals.

If you, as a company, are looking for occupational health physicians, Mr. Georg Breddermann, Head of Occupational Health and Safety at the proRIS Group, would be pleased to be available for further discussion.

If you yourself are occupational physicians, we may be able to offer you a suitable job. Take a look at our job-offers.

The most important questions and answers:

Why the search for occupational physicians is so difficult

The answer can be found here ...

Occupational medicine is a shortage market today: Specialists are rare and therefore in great demand, they must be actively recruited. This trend is exacerbating from year to year, as the demographic development in the graph shows. There are too few young medical professionals in occupational medicine qualified.

Therefore, the recruiting of these specialists is a job for specialists who are at home in the area of occupational health and safety at the proRIS Group.

What proRIS predestines for the recruitment of occupational physicians

Our HSEQ team understands your internal requirements and speaks the same language as the candidates you are looking for.

Because occupational physicians are so in demand, they must be actively recruited. It depends on industry competence and "first hand experience", and our team under the direction of Mr. Georg Breddermann has both. He is Head of Occupational Health and Safety at the proRIS Group. He has also gained over 20 years of operational and leadership experience as a Safety Engineer, HSE Manager, Managing Director and CEO in leading international corporations in occupational health and safety.

With this background, we are always in a position to recruiting company and company physicians for all industries and to advise both our clients and our candidates on an equal footing.

Our HSEQ team understands your internal requirements and speaks the same language as the candidates you are looking for.

When recruiting proRIS works with the method of "direct search", ie the direct and targeted approach of candidates. It is the most direct and fastest way to success, especially if it is with o.g. Industry competence is combined.

Why the cost / benefit ratio at proRIS is so effective:

If proRIS seeks a specialist in occupational medicine and presents the first candidates, the costs are no higher than for an adequate job advertisement. If an employment contract is concluded with one of the candidates, then a success fee is due, the amount of which depends on the annual income of the position to be filled. Thus, the client minimizes the cost of an unoccupied job permanently.

In the event that proRIS unexpectedly should not find a suitable occupational physician, the financial risk for the client is therefore no higher than a job advertisement. But the chances of success are much higher, as the experience shows. Only every twentieth job is still filled by job advertisements in print or online media.

And the search by job advertisement costs more than the advertising rate. Internal costs for booking the ad, for customizing your own website and for managing the incoming applications have to be added. This is mostly overlooked in the ROI view of job ads.

Thus, the cost / benefit ratio of proRIS compared to a job advertisement is very effective: not more expensive, but more promising. Of course, you will be glad to receive corresponding sample calculations on request.

How a collaboration with proRIS will work

Our HSEQ team has many successful mandates for reference. From the doctor in training to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), proRIS has already recruited a large number of specialists - in virtually all industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Although we have no concrete comparative figures, we claim that no other recruitment consultancy in Germany successfully mediates as many company doctors per year as proRIS.

Basically, the model for working with the proRIS is as follows:


  • Briefing

    In a personal interview, the client informs the proRiS consultant about the job profile and the key data of the corporate culture that are relevant for the job.
  • Ident & Search

    proRIS identifies all eligible candidates and / or target companies and starts the systematic search and recruiting of specialists. We regularly report to the customer about the status quo.
  • Activation of applicants

    With in-depth knowledge of the task and function of the position to be filled as well as credible arguments that speak for your company (see Step 'Briefing'), we turn candidates into candidates.
  • Selection

    Based on the number of interested applicants, we select the most suitable candidates for your company through structured (pre) interviews.
  • Presentation of candidates / interviews

    After an appropriate examination, proRIS will finally present the candidates that fit the advertised position. If necessary (this is the rule), the proRIS consultant accompanies the job interview.
  • On request: profiling

    If the customer so wishes, proRIS offers an individual SWOT analysis of candidates. Here, the matching of candidate and job profile is in the foreground. Other psychometric methods of 
    profiling are possible on request.
  • Also optional: language level tests and certifications

    For certain projects or subject areas, certain foreign language skills are required. In these cases proRIS offers professional and certified
    language tests in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

References and contact

The team around Mr. Breddermann has many successful mandates as a reference. It recruits from the doctor in training to the managing Chief Medical Officer - in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and in virtually every industry.

Whether for smaller, regional, inter-plant occupational health services, banks, commercial enterprises or large industrial groups of e.g. Chemistry or pharmaceuticals - proRIS HSEQ was able to successfully transfer company and company physicians everywhere.

With this expertise, the Cologne HSE team is a valued partner in occupational health protection.

Did we make your interested? Georg Breddermann will be pleased to help you with further discussions.

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