Competence is the decisive factor for our success

The proRIS Consultants Group is an exclusive personnel and management consultancy with three main focuses:

Recruitment service
Industrial Service &
When recruiting specialists and executives, we are very effective because our consultants are senior managers with specialist and industry expertise. They are very familiar with the peculiarities of their industry, they know the "key players" there - and they are known in their industry.
This industry expertise makes our service unique.

Compared to traditional recruiting agencies or headhunters, we have two decisive advantages: Firstly, we can advise customers on equal terms - from professional to professional. And second, we can judge candidates from their own competence and personal experience. This allows us to identify the suitable candidates very accurately and win them over for our clients.
You wonder how we can find these candidates? In short: active and direct!

We have perfected the method of direct search, and are particularly successful in "parched" markets where other instruments fail and where there seem to be no suitable candidates.

We combine this methodological competence and our tools with your industry know-how and B2B networks. Together, this makes us a valued and highly specialized industrial service provider for demanding recruiting tasks.

We are growing with demand and looking for new partners

Our service is in high demand because it is efficient, competent and credible. The decisive factor for this success is the specialist and industry expertise of our consultants in combination with our partner concept.

Such a partnership can only succeed if all sides are assured of mutual care, trust and openness. The following
occupational principles (GoPB) are therefore an essential basis for our personnel consultancy. They have been approved by the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V.

Consultant Partners of the proRIS Consultants GmbH can be certified according to the international criteria of the ECSSA (European Confederation of Search & Selection Associations) and thereby become one of the current top 100 personnel consultants in Germany.

As a win-win situation, we also notice that the shortage of specialists and executives will generally increase due to demographic trends. Therefore, our service will probably be even more in demand in the future.

We want to expand and seek new franchise partners as consultants for their respective industries. We do not want you to take up a new profession, but to continue your career in a different role.

  • Do you feel addressed?

  • Are you a manager with at least 10 years of experience in professional and personal leadership?

  •     Are you an expert in your field?

  •     And you can imagine being a self-employed personnel and management consultant?

Then you should take the step and take a look into our independent future as a franchisee of proRIS Consultants GmbH.

Job Description

Recruiters are a dime a dozen - so why proRIS?

To be a consultant at proRIS means to be a specialist in one (or more) subject areas and to have proven to be successful in applying his knowledge; The proRIS consultant must be able to deliver even if all other consultants have already failed. He does not need any knowledge of classical human resources (HR), but openness for people and their ideas. He should enjoy the compatibility of customer and candidate wishes and never lose sight of the "feasible". In the end, he has the better arguments.The goal is therefore to avoid the "mainstream" and to seek an individual market niche.Here we can, for example, Introduce the placement of the following specialists and executives *:

Health Experts (Clinicians, Medico-Psychological & Nursing Professions), Specialists in Power Generation & Energy Networks, (Conventional, Renewables), IT/Telecommunications & Telecommunication-Experts (Programming, Data Security & Protection), Infrastructure Project Planer (Broadband Development, Fiber optic or mobile technologies, general construction), Specialist in legal affairs & compliance (pharmaceutical, health care, chemicals), design engineers (CAD, R&D), Specialised sales specialist, specialists from the financial and banking sector, specialists from the automotive sector  and so on (* not a final list, your ideas are very welcome)

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Erstinformation für Franchise-Interessenten

Sind Sie interessiert, proRIS Partner zu werden?

Mit dem nächsten Klick können Sie sich die Erstinformationen für Franchise-Partner herunterladen. Wenn Sie Fragen dazu haben oder ein weiterführendes Gespräch führen möchten, stehen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich gerne zur Verfügung. In der Broschüre finden sie grundsätzliche Informationen zum 'Partner werden bei proRIS' und über unser Franchisesystem. Unsere Anforderungen sind hoch, aber nicht unerreichbar.
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Principles of proper and qualified personnel consulting(GoPB)

Our professional principles

In the attached download you will find the current version of the professional principles of the BDU member companies as a guideline for your work as a personnel consultant of proRIS. ProRIS Consultants GmbH has committed itself to these principles because they represent the highest level of competence, responsibility and professionalism. That makes the difference in our industry.
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