Industrial Services

In the Industrial Services business unit, we mainly offer experts for managing or collaborating on foreign and domestic projects. This usually requires a special professional expertise of the candidate and often the use is limited in time. A special feature is that most of our consultants in their field and their industry can and do personally take on temporary tasks.

In all areas, our consultants work only in the areas (specialist and industry competence) in which they have at least 10 years of personal experience. Therefore, take care to choose the right advisor! (For partner selection please click here)



Interim Management

Specialists for a period

With our offer for interim management, you have several options to get a competent specialist for the interim time.On the one hand, some of our partners are personally available to you on an interim basis as managers (please contact them directly).On the other hand, we have a pool of registered interim managers to whom we would like to get you in contact with. Also we can actively search for a suitable interim manager for you ...


As an interested customer, please contact us under the keyword "Search Interim manager for ..."

If you would like to be registered as an interim manager with us for free, then please send us an e-mail with the subject line "Bin Interim für ..." or register directly via the contact form.

Good reasons for proRIS interim

Our goal is not the successful placement of temporary management personnel, our goal is to solve your entrepreneurial task and the success of the entire project.

For this we provide management resources and accompany their use - Four factors and one result: Success!

  • We understand your problem situation
  • We know our managers
  • We know time pressure
  • We take responsibility

Benefits for companies

Why should you decide to solve your entrepreneurial task using the instrument of Interim Management? In our experience, the main advantages that have made companies decide in the past are the following advantages.

  • Safe and fast implementation -> tested quality
  • High efficiency and immediate productivity -> calculable and variable costs, know-how transfer
  • Short-term availability -> policy exclusively in the project interest

With the use of interim managers or interim teams, proRIS supports its clients when the need for implementation security and speed is high. The use of the managers is not limited to classic recruitment problems.
On the contrary, our managers are experts in exceptional business situations. In their previous career, they have already mastered entrepreneurial challenges on several occasions and achieved above-average results. We use this experience profitably for our clients - in a wide variety of situations.

Our responsibility

We understand our work as a partnership with our client. We do not measure success by the number of contracts, but by the quality and sustainability of the solutions achieved.

With partnership advice, we are also available after fulfilling our mission. We adhere to high professional standards and strict ethical principles:

  • Absolute identification with the project,
  • Will to succeed,
  • Discretion and loyalty,
  • Integrity and reliability

distinguish ourselves.

Our approach

Our approach is systematic, analytical and inclusive. Our consultants accompany the interim manager and your project throughout the regulatory process.

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Freelancer mediation

If part time is not the solution.

If part-time is not possible ...

... are there alternatives; e.g. the use of freelancers - flexibility, where and when it is needed.

We know many situations in which it may be useful or common to conclude service or fee contracts with freelancers. For example, in cases of peak orders, representation, low or non-regular mission time or activities in remote locations, etc.

To a certain extent, freelancers are even part of flexible HR management for many companies. The field of liberal professions is certainly very far. Therefore, we are currently specialized in the following markets:

  • established occupational physicians and related specialists
  • Security and HSE professionals as well
  • QM auditors (for example: ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 27001 and TS 16949 u.verw.)

As an interested customer, please contact us under the keyword "Search Freelancer" or follow the <<Link>>

If you want to register as a freelancer, please send us an e-mail with the subject line: "Am Freelancer" or register directly <<here>>.

We are also happy to receive your suggestions in order to further expand the range of services for the placement of freelancers for you.

Mobility & In-/Ex-Patriate Management

Being at home abroad

An offer for companies that employ employees from abroad or send them to distant countries ...A description is coming soonIn the meantime, please contact our consultant for International Expert & Executive Recruiting,  Georg Breddermann.



Employer Branding

The biggest fish!

Increase your attractiveness for applicants and employees. Go fishing for the best people for your business!We offer concepts that make your company a TOP employer; for those who DO NOT believe that everyone is fishing in the same pond.Full description will follow shortly.In the meantime, please contact our consultant directly, Georg Breddermann.