Specialized at your business branch

From professionals for professionals.

Our consultants are experts, because all "proRIS Consultants" are professionals like you ...

They have many years of experience in senior management at the management and operational levels. They are professionals from the respective industry. Anyone wishing to become a partner in our company must have at least 10 years of operational experience in the area in which he / she wishes to work on our behalf.

So if you are with one of our partners or consultants ...

... you can count on them to know their (your) business from their own experience.

He knows the market and its peculiarities as well as the key players on the industrial and candidate side. He speaks the same language as you.

With this know-how, he can not only address the best candidates directly, but also competently "to put him through the mill" and select. With particularly promising candidates, he leads a personal, detailed and structured interview in order to grasp not only the professional but also the personal qualification and motivation.

Quality promise

The entire process is personally managed and qualitatively monitored by the proRIS consultant so that he and his team can present the best candidates in a short time.

Particularly with sensitive recruitment procedures such as direct search, the expert knowledge and the industry experience of our consultants / partners are of particular advantage. Because this is usually inseparable from good contacts and established networks in the respective industry.

We often see that such professionals and executives can be persuaded for a change that were actually considered "unavailable".