Recruitment Services

Qualified personnel is just a matter of attitude

Those who hire us in the recruiting segment are looking for specialists and executives. Not just any, but the best available candidates, preferably "ready" and with a direct industry orientation for the position to be filled.

Discretion, the market and the quantity of available applicants are decisive framework conditions for the "right" way to the new employee. Whichever path is the most promising and fastest in your situation, your advisor knows. We do not search - we find!

We can support you with our portfolio of offers in every situation. Choose from the following options:

Executive (Direct) Search

The ideal way

On the ideal way to the destination:

The fastest connection between two points is the straight line. When choosing the best candidates, you should do the same: with Direct SearchVacancies and newspaper ads are the classic tools of recruiting. Unfortunately, they are not cheap and they are not a guarantee of success either.The ad is characterized by "waiting for an answer". In fact, this is often the case, especially in the desired quality. This is not always because of the passivity of potential applicants, but in the nature of the method: Job advertisements, whether in online portals or print media, are perceived only for a short time. And only by those who are actively seeking change. This is only a small part of the candidates in question - but experience shows that the other part of the candidates is more interesting!

Direct Search

is the direct, active and targeted approach onto candidates.
This approach will provide the best possible results even if job advertisements in print or online media do not reach their goal, because the respective markets are empty or the "traditional" procedures are too slow.

Some situations require that the search for a particular position should not be publicized. It also happens that a client already has a particular candidate in mind, but he himself can not actively address it.

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Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Always the goal in mind!

Always the goal in mind!

Certain vacancies for middle management levels or so-called "high potentials" trigger the proverbial fight for the talents ("War for Talents"). Keeping track of things here is a challenge especially if you have to cope with a very high number of applicants!

In this case, with our Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, we have developed a special service that enables any HR department to free themselves from time and labor intensive employee selection processes.

Similar to the Direct Search, we conduct an ...

... exact breefing in which we precisely define and weight the requirements. Based on these requirements, we screen the large number of incoming applications and filter out the TOP 5 within 30 days. We can offer this project-related or permanently as your "external recruiting center".

With RPO, we give your HR department the freedom your company needs so much for HR development or other core competencies.

... to swim free

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New Placement Service

Looking to the future.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Looking to the future:

We optimize your chances of success in the search for a new position. You receive professional support from experienced managers with years of leadership responsibility at every stage of the application process. With our help, you can use your qualification to properly position yourself and your potential in the job market as well as to "sell perfectly". They avoid typical mistakes and do not lose precious time through "trial and error".

Together, we analyze your situation, clarify possible causes, work out a language regulation for jobseekers. We optimize your application (curriculum vitae, cover letter, etc.), identify possible target positions, work out strategies, work out your strengths and weaknesses, and analyze your currently recognizable potential.

Prerequisite for an order acceptance:

You are an employee. Your hierarchical level is at least that of a department head, you have an academic education and several years of professional experience, and (important!): You do not just want to change, but it is already clear that you have to change. For example due to: termination received, imminent or terminated termination agreement, bankruptcy, factory closure or similar. (If this is not the case, please ask our consultants for an individual career advice.)

Provided that you meet the conditions outlined above, we will start a detailed consultation process with you in which all relevant details are addressed. In this process, we are available to you until the conclusion of an employment contract, but at the latest until the expiration of 6 months from the first date for telephone, written and / or personal contacts in all relevant questions.

This service must normally be paid by the candidate himself (B2C). In special cases, however, the costs are also borne by the (pre) employer.

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Advertisement Service

If desired, we flank your search with advertisements in all media of your choice. Whether it makes sense to place job advertisements in special cases, and if so, in which media, please discuss this with your adviser personally.